I am proud to be an Apple Digital Masters certified mastering engineer. I can guarantee my masters meet the highest standards. 


MASTER - $250 per track
MIX - $450 per track
ATMOS - $600 per track

email for production and bundle rates.

A note on equipment

I use ATC monitoring (which can be found in studios all around the world including Abbey Road + EastWest) to ensure your audio sounds the best it can anywhere you play it. Likewise, all the software used is of the highest quality including: Universal Audio, Izotope, Fab Filter, Melodyne, Softube, Plugin-Alliance etc.

For true analog color I have hardware stereobus processing available for mixes and masters. The chain consists of a Terry Audio CEQ6 designed and handbuilt by Marshall Terry Chief Tech at Shadow Hills Industries and an API 2500. I use an Apollo x8 for AD/DA conversion. This hybrid workflow allows me to keep the dynamic range, precision and punch of a digital approach, with the color, microdynamics, and soul of analog equipment.

EQ_ Compressor_

Have a great musical idea that you need help developing? I’m here to help out! Production can involve anything from recording and editing vocals, to creating a beat for your next video. It can even mean taking your voice memo and arranging it into a radio-ready track.

You’ve recorded your bands next single. The music is tight, but the chorus still doesn’t hit the way you know it can. Mixing takes an already recorded idea and breathes it into life.

It’s all about translating the sound in your head to the speakers and headphones of your fans. The mastering process helps your music come through as clear as possible on all streaming services and playback systems. Essentially, mastering is the final enhancement stage before releasing your music to the world.