MASTER - $250 per track
MIX - $450 per track
ATMOS - $600 per track 

All masters are Apple Digital Masters certified:

email for production and bundle rates.


I love to use my Terry Audio CEQ-6 for mixes and masters. The Terry is a powerful, rich, and complex EQ that embbeds the recording with movement and detail, which translates into a deeper more meaningful listening experience.

It’s a hand-built EQ by Marshall Terry chief-tech at Shadow Hills Industries and it just has that “finished record” sound. It’s something you absolutely must hear! 

For software I like to use the latest in component modelling from Universal Audio, Softube and Plugin Alliance. As well as ultra-precise “digital” solutions such as: Oeksound, MAAT, DMG, Sonnox and Fab Filter.  

I monitor through ATC speakers which guarantees solid and reliable performance on different playback systems.

The mastering process helps your music come through as clear as possible on all streaming services and playback systems. It’s the final enhancement and QC before releasing your recording to the world.

Mixing takes an already recorded idea and breathes it into life.

Have a great musical idea that you need help developing? I’m here to help out! Production can involve anything from recording and editing vocals, to creating a beat for your next video. It can even mean taking your voice memo and arranging it into a radio-ready track.