Music, sound, and audio intricately overlap.

By studying each individual aspect of this synergetic relationship, I developed a personal and innovative approach to music. My approach seamlessly integrates traditionally separate skills such as: songwriting, performing producing, recording, mixing and/or mastering into a single craft.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Music Performance and Professional Music from Berklee College of Music and a Master’s in Music Technology from NYU. 

I’ve learned from engineers such as: Kevin Killen (David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, U2), Alex Tumay (Young Thug, Kanye West, Travis Scott) and Alan Silverman (Norah Jones, Chaka Khan, Dolly Parton).

Additionally, I’ve worked for artists such as: Keith Richards, Steve Jordan, Norah Jones, Kevin Abstract, slowthai, Santigold, and Ski Mask.